Booking Rules (terms and conditions):

The Charges

The charges to hire our unique and typical Nepali Naumati Baja is varies, i.e. different seasons different charges, different day, different occasions etc. So please do not hesitate to contact us for details, thank you.


If performing location is further than London then a transportation fuel charge will be added.

Booking Rules:
1. Booking has to be made at least 3 weeks before programme.

2. Anyone wishing to book need to consults the Chief Coordinator who will be the main point of contact for bookings. Tel 07886928430 E-mail

3. All Public Liability Event Insurance license and administration for Health & Safety Security and First Aid will be  responsibility of the booking personnel.

4. A 25% non-refundable deposit must be made at least 3 weeks before the functions and the final payments must be paid at the end of the programme. Payments can be made by cash or cheque payable to Mr. OM PRASAD THAPA. All requirements are to be forwarded to the Coordinator during the booking.

5. The fees for the instruments besides the functions of Gulmi Zilla Samaj UK, the sum of £25.00 will be funded to the. Only for non-members of GJS UK
6. We help and donate to Nepali Disabled People, via Hope Disabled Centre (Asha Apanga Kendra, Gulmi, West Nepal) £25 of the fee will be donated.

7. Three hours is it’s duration of playing Naumati Instruments and if need further time to playing will be added £5.00 per person/hour

Note:- The above shown cost are just for refreshment, maintenance of instruments and remaining amount goes to Nepalese Disabilities Centre, Gulmi, West Nepal. In conclusion, this is not a profitable Organization.

First Naumati Baja Gulmi UK

Programme schedule
1st performance – Nawora dhun ( welcome music), duration 2-3 minutes
– Bibaha Lagan ko dhun ( wedding music), duration 15-20 minutes
– Naumati nach dhun (traditional dance music), duration 30-40 minutes
Break for 10 minutes

2nd performance – Continuity of naumati nach dhun (traditional dance music), duration 1 hour
Break for 15 minutes

Final performance – Continuity of naumati nach dhun (traditional dance music), duration 2 hour
NOTE: the performance can be modified as per the need of the particular occasion such as wedding, charity and as per the demand. The performance can be increased for more than 6 hours at extra cost.

1st Naumati Baja Gulmi UK was Officially launched in UK on 10th April 2010, We are the first ever Nepalese traditional band outside Nepal. The list below is our aims to run the Naumati Baja in UK

1. To keep our tradition and cultural customs during any happy occasion and to remind one of their Nepalese tradition and also integrate with other communities

2. Assist the Gulmi Zilla Samaj UK in future on successful implementation.

3. help and donate to Nepali Disabled People in Nepal.
For Online Booking please click book online on menu tab.

The Team members first Naumati baja Gulmi UK as follows:
Chief Coordinator: Om Prasad Thapa