Naumati Baja  (literally – Nine musical instruments) is a group of nine traditional musical instruments played in Nepal and Himalayan region of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Assam during certain auspicious occasions like marriages. Naumati is more comprehensive form of the Panchai Baaja. Panchai Baaja (or a band of five instruments) has been played since olden times as a good luck to any auspicious performances. There is a reference in the scriptures that Panchai Baaja was played in the Dwapar Yug on the auspicious occasion of the Christening Ceremony of the Lord Krishna.

The Panchai Baaja represents the five metals and while designing these instruments, the images of five deities viz; Ganesh, Bishnu, Shiva, Goddess and Sun were kept as the background. This set of five instruments later was modified into Naumati Baaja with nine or even more instruments to play.

Nepalese traditional music band

Naumati Baja is a Nepal’s traditional musical instruments band and has been in use to celebrate special or auspicious occasions. History states that Naumati baja were used to celebrate king’s victory and other royal celebrations and in modern times it is in use to celebrate festivals and marriages Ceremony.

1st Naumati Baja Gulmi UK was Officially launched in UK on 10th April 2010, We are the first ever nepalese traditional band outside Nepal. The list below is our aims to run the Naumati Baja in UK are:

1. To keep our tradition and cultural customs during any happy occasion and to remind one of their Nepalese tradition and also integrate with other communities
2. Fund raising to and help and donate to Nepali Disabled People in Nepal.

Hope Disability Centre, Gulmi, Nepal,
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Office: ‪079-690477‬ Mobile: ‪9847105111 ‬

3. Assist the Gulmi Zilla Samaj UK in future on successful implementation.
The Naumati Baja is a Large Band Team members first Naumati baja Gulmi UK as follows:-

1) Chief Coordinator: Om Prasad Thapa
2) Coordinator:-Top Palli
3) Treasurer:-Purna Balal
4) Former Coordinator,Member: Bir Balal
5) Member: Ram Galami
6) Member: Bin Bhujil
7) Member: Lal Kaucha
8) Member: Om Burathoki
9) Member: Tham Roka
10) Member :Kumar Rana
11) Member: Padam Gurung
12) Membre: Parkash Galami
13) Member: Yam Galami
14) Member: Gopal Thapa
15) Member: Yam Thapa
16) Member: Till Thapa

The musical instruments name are as below:-

1. Damaha x2
2. Sanahi x2
3. Dholaki x1
4. Temko X1
5. Jhali X1
6. Karnal x1
7. Narsiga x1